What is a community plan?

A community plan is a document that sets out the aspirations and priorities of a community – it is the community’s voice stating what is important to them now and for their future.

As is suggested by its name, the process is led by community members and the priorities are determined by the community themselves.  Community plans are important because they are used as reference points and sources of advice to Mount Alexander Council, the Victorian Government and other bodies. They can assist organisations to decide where funding is needed and bring community members together to work on agreed activities.

View Community plan documents below and see detailed survey results on adjoining Community Plan pages.

Our Planning Process


The new Tarrangower Tomorrow Community Plan replaces the last community plan – Tarrangower Community Plan 2015. That plan was developed by the Tarrangower Community Planning Leadership Group. After completing the plan, this group held regular community forums to discuss aspects of the 2015 Plan. The last forum, held in November 2018 presented a review of the 2015 Plan – what had been achieved and work still to be done.

Inspired by the successes of the 2015 Plan, the Tarrangower Tomorrow planning group was formed to develop a new plan for 2020-2025, but work on this plan was significantly delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. The plan now being developed is the Tarrangower Tomorrow Community Plan 2021-2025.


It was decided that the new plan should be based entirely on the views of community members. Initially community members were asked about what they love about Tarrangower. People were asked to post photos on the Facebook page, to send emails with photos and submit written responses in several drop boxes around Maldon. This phase was accompanied by regular articles in the Tarrangower Times. A number of Facebook posts and emails were received, but few written responses.


The next phase was to collect the views of Tarrangower residents and businesses about issues that should be addressed in the new Community Plan. This work, which was also supported by articles in the Tarrangower Times, flyers and posters, was carried out during 2019 through:

  • Drop-in sessions in High Street and Main Street Maldon, at the Baringhup Store and the Maldon & Baringhup Agricultural Show
  • Emails and Facebook posts
  • Drop boxes
  • A session with community leaders, seeking their support and ideas
  • Discussions with children at Maldon Primary School
  • Two well-attended community forums led by a professional facilitator, who prepared a list of proposed activities under several topic headings, based on those nominated by participants

A significant number of community members took part in this information gathering exercise, and suggested activities that should be undertaken to improve life in Tarrangower.

Based on the facilitator’s summary and other information received, the planning group refined the list under five topic headings, with a total of 52 proposed activities. Some activities that were unrealistic e.g. having a McDonald’s restaurant in Maldon, or which received very little community support, were not included.

The list was included in a survey form asking for rankings of the activities (under each topic heading) After trialling, the survey form was revised, to ask for each activity to be rated.

The survey form was formatted with the assistance of a graphic designer, who provided his services at greatly reduced rates. It was printed and distributed in late 2020 to all homes, shops and post office boxes in Postcode 3463 (except areas in Loddon Shire). An online version of the survey form was provided at no charge by a market research firm (Wallis Market and Social Research).

Posters, articles in the Tarrangower Times. as well by s FM radio (IMT) were used to encourage people to complete the survey by Friday 27 November.

People were asked to rate the 52 activities, on a scale of 1 to 7, where 1 represented ‘Not at all important’ to the Tarrangower community to 7 meaning ‘Extremely important’. The paper survey form allowed up to four household members to complete the form. The online survey was designed to be completed by one person at a time.

Additional questions regarding the impact of COVID-19 were included with both the paper and online versions.

You will find a link to the survey form and Information sheet below.

The survey results, including the on-line survey were analysed by Wallis and can be found on the Survey Results page.

Our Community Plans

The intention of our plans is to identify the dreams and ideals, problems faced and suggestions for solutions and improvements within the Tarrangower community which includes Maldon, Baringhup, Bradford, Gowar, Neereman, Nuggetty, Tarrangower and Walmer.

Given how old our area is, there have been many plans of all types over the years. Our last plan was developed in 2015. We are currently in the process of developing the 2020 Community Plan.

Where To Next?

This is just the beginning, Tarrangower Tomorrow is now in the hands of the community.

The plan is a call to action for the people of Tarrangower to achieve the priorities outlined in the plan.

The plan is a tool to show local and state government and funders what is important to Tarrangower. The plan is a guide to help us make positive change for Tarrangower.

​If you are interested in getting involved, click on the Full Plan link below for the details on how, what and who for the activities.

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