The Jaara people of the Dja Dja Wurrung language group have lived in Central Victoria for many thousands of years. Mount Tarrangower is the centre of Jaara country, with the Loddon, Campaspe and Avoca rivers and their tributary creeks forming natural boundaries. There were 24 Jaara clans and each had their distinctive territory. The Liarga Balug clan of the Jaara tribe lived in the Maldon and Mount Tarrangower district. Our native people camped along the banks of the rivers and creeks, where you can still find scar trees and middens, and throughout the landscape, wells and sacred places.

In the late 1830’s Europeans came to establish sheep stations in the Tarrangower district. Mt. Tarrangower however was best known for its gold deposits and the district was established during the 1850’s gold rush with many thriving communities around its slopes. In the heart of Tarrangower is the town of Maldon, which celebrates its gold mining history as Australia’s ‘First Notable Town’ due to its remarkably well preserved heritage streetscape. There are also historic reserves in the district which display relics of our gold mining history.

The area of Tarrangower is now a thriving community with agriculture and tourism being the main industries. Our population tends to be older but we have many families who call Tarrangower home. We have excellent services, including a primary school, a hospital, three fire brigades, a library, the neighbourhood centre, police station, swimming pool and a newspaper.

We enjoy a healthy and fun lifestyle with many festivals and events throughout the year, several sporting facilities and a multitude of clubs and activities. Surrounded by natural beauty with granite ranges, the Loddon River and Cairn Curran Reservoir, Tarrangower is a terrific place to live.

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